The MediLiens Process

MediLiens Reviews Personal Injury Case

Upon a medical provider being approached by a potential patient or that patient’s attorney to perform a procedure MediLiens’ expert personal injury underwriting staff attorneys and paralegals evaluate the merits of the personal injury case after obtaining and reviewing case documentation provided by the attorney. Our underwriting staff assign a value to each case and advise the provider if the case appears to be likely to resolve successfully, taking into account proof of liability, proof of damages/injury, applicable law and past attorney successes and reputation.

MediLiens Reviews Proposed Bill

Each market is unique in the amounts that attorneys find acceptable to reimburse providers for any particular procedure. These amounts are often very different than insurance reimbursements and vary depending on many factors including the location of the procedure, the complexity of the procedure and the weight or value that the procedure adds to a particular case. MediLiens expert coders and underwriters assess each providers bills to ensure the amounts billed are reasonable and expectations of collections are tied to market tolerances.

Medical Services Are Rendered

With MediLiens' evaluation in hand, the medical provider decides whether or not to provide the service in exchange for the medical lien. If so the medical service is provided and with the final medical bill in hand, MediLiens takes over the servicing of the account receivable and attorney interactions relating to the lien.

MediLiens Monitors Case Status

MediLiens immediately begins regularly tracking of the related personal injury case progress and status through public database queries and written correspondence with plaintiff's counsel to ensure the status of each asset is known at all times including, for example, if the case is due to settle, is in trial or perhaps received a judgment. Further, MediLiens will provide monthly reporting to each provider stating the total amount of liens outstanding and the collection activity from the prior month.

Bill Negotiation and Collections

The vast majority of cases resolve with some type of settlement. However, whether resolution is by judgment or settlement, in nearly all cases the plaintiff’s attorney attempts to compromise the medical bills and in these cases MediLiens will handle the bill negotiation. Because MediLiens is aware of how the billed amounts relate to what is ordinary and customary in that particular market, and is aware of how important the particular procedure is to facilitating a successful case resolution, negotiations for reductions result in collection of much high portion of the billed amounts than what the provider would customarily be able to negotiate themselves. Upon collection from the personal injury case the funds are distribute to the medical provider and MediLiens fee is paid.

Facilitation of Financing Opportunities

In the event a medical provider wishes to accelerate their cash flows relating to these assets, MediLiens will use its network of medical lien funding companies to find an appropriate purchaser for the Medical Liens or to obtain cash advances to the provider against the provider’s portion of the expected collection.