The MediLiens Solution!

Case Evaluations

Provider alerts MediLiens of a new patient referral. MediLiens’ expert personal injury underwriting staff attorneys and paralegals will evaluate the merits of the case after obtaining and reviewing case documentation provided by the attorney.

Get Results

No Out of Pocket Cost
Our services are provided without any out of pocket cost to you. We only get paid when and if the underlying case resolves favorably - so our interests are aligned.
Immediately Positive Impact
Simply by reviewing each case before you provide medical services, you avoid bad cases and therefore your accounts receivable portfolio is immediately enhanced.
Increase Collections and Cash Flow
Because of our expert analysis of each case, and because we speak to attorneys from an informed position, we collect more on each case. We also offer financing options to get you cash even sooner.

Cash Advance and Financing Options

Cash Advance Option
MediLiens may also facilitate non-recourse cash advances to the provider against the provider’s portion of the expected collection. The advance will accrue a fee to be calculated on a non-compounding basis and will be paid only at the time of collection. Again, if the case is lost, you owe nothing.
Sell Your Entire Lien
In the event a medical provider wishes to accelerate their cash flows relating to these assets, MediLiens will use its network of medical lien funding companies to find an appropriate purchaser for the medical liens.